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Still getting used to the gym

November 2nd, 2007 at 01:14 pm

I joined a small gym a month ago. After one month, I must say, I'm still on the border with this decision. I have not gone as frequently as I thought I would. I did faithfully attend two kickboxing classes per week. Aside from that, I think I went to the gym about 3 or 4 times on my own.

The monthly fee is $79; if I attended 8 classes, that's roughly $10/class. I checked their website and read that, if you decide to attend a random class here or there, it is $10/class. So I guess I broke even. Factor in those 3-4 visits and I saved just an itsy bit of money.

So...the verdict? Undecided. One of the reasons I did not go to the gym was because it has been a very warm October. I've been ok with waking early to run in the mornings. But from experience, I know I HATE running in the cold, dark, icy pre-dawn hours, so that might push me towards using the gym. I'm actually going to go after work today and try out running on the treadmill.

I'll give this another month. If all I end up doing is going to the kickboxing classes, then I'll probably cancel the membership and just do the pay-by-class option. It depends if I can learn to love the dreadmill- oops! I mean, treadmill =)

Joined a gym finally

September 18th, 2007 at 06:04 pm

There's some purchases that are a slap on the wrist, but then there are those that are worthwhile. I am having so much trouble with the rise-and-shine-and-RUN (only end up running on weekends). I actually started looking into the nearby fitness clubs but was so annoyed by the astronomical membership fees.

Then it hit me- bonk. I've been taking a cardio class at a small martial arts studio. I signed up via the local community college, but then I thought, well how much would membership to the martial arts studio cost? So tonight I asked, and I was pleased to find it was a reasonable $79/month with no yearly commitment! In addition to all the fitness classes, they also have a small, but well-equipped gym! I snuck a peek in the room and saw it was NOT crowded; plus, those who were working out looked very normal, not like pumped-up weightlifters or cell-phone gabbing gym rats.

So I signed up for a month. I really like the non-descript aspect of hte place, the fact it's not at all crowded. It's close to work and the place I volunteer, so I should have no trouble finding time to go- hopefully!

Fitness Vows

September 16th, 2007 at 04:21 pm

Dear Self,

Get off your butt and start jogging again. Remember how diligent you were at exercising while in graduate school? Somehow, you managed to climb out of bed at 5:45 every morning to go run 5-6 miles every day. What's going on now???

You have a stable job that is, for the most part, regular hours and no overtime.
You have considerably LESS stress than you did in graduate school; no more feelings of guilt, no more overbearing PI, no more pressure to get perfect results, no more guilt trip/ threats from assorted professors out for my thesis blood.
You live in a much safer neighborhood, with sidewalks, heck, even a nearby park and trails to run on. So why not RUN??!!

Maybe you need to go to sleep earlier instead of messing around on the compooter. Yeah, that would help =)

Do your best, don't give up, and remember that it takes a couple of weeks before running becomes "habit." Go for it!

Your brain